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This plugin displays all multimedia data sent in WhatsApp chats, including images, videos (starting with WhatsApp 2.12.7), and audio files. You can also view the media sent by a certain contact in the Messages plugin.

General information about media files includes:


Total number of files in backup and the number of files displayed.

The number of video, image, and audio files in backup and currently displayed. You can also view the size of all files in each category.


All existing media is displayed as thumbnails. The general information about the media file displayed is:

The number of the receiver.

Date and time the object was sent (according to the time zone and date format defined on the local PC).



To export media objects, check them and click Export. It is possible to export checked media files, filtered files or all files.


Viewing Media Files

To view a certain media file, click it in the grid. The file opens in the viewer where you can also view its properties:


From: The contact name or the phone number the media was sent from.

Received: Date and time the file was received (according to the time zone and date format defined on the local PC).

Type: File type.

Dimensions: The image size in pixels.

Size: The size of the file in KB.

Link: The link for downloading the file.


To save the file, click Save and select the destination location.




Searching and Filtering


To perform searches in Media, enter the necessary data in the searching field and press Enter. The found results will be highlighted in yellow.

To filter out the media, open the Filter pane by clicking the filter2 icon on the left.

NOTE: Once you enable filtering, all previously checked files become unchecked. 

Enable filtering by switching the On/Off toggle and define the filtering options:

Date: filters the media sent within a specific time period. Select the From and To dates in the respective drop-down lists.

Media Type: filters the media by a media type (photo, video, and audio).

Direction: filters media by direction (incoming or outgoing).

Note: When using filter options, you will be able to view only the number of records allowed by your license type.