Microsoft account data

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Microsoft account data

EPV allows you to explore the Microsoft account user data downloaded by Elcomsoft Phone Breaker from the cloud. This data includes user contacts, notes, web browsing and search history, etc.


Newest Elcomsoft Phone Breaker version downloads the Microsoft user data synced with the device and/or collected from the web browser.


Older Elcomsoft Phone Breaker versions download the Microsoft user data as Windows Phone backups. Windows Phone 8 (and 8.1) allows creating a kind of backup of the device in the cloud (no local backups are available), saving installed applications and their settings, text messages (SMS and MMS), photos/videos etc. (More information is available here:


Unfortunately, there is no way to download the complete backup of the device. At this time, the following data can be extracted from Microsoft accounts:


Contacts (aggregated)

Notes (in Microsoft OneNote format)

Messages (SMS)


Web browsing history

Web search history

Location history



Extraction of Microsoft account data can be done using Elcomsoft Phone Breaker -- with valid Microsoft Live! credentials (login/email and password, it downloads the information listed above (as well as info on all Windows Phone devices connected to the account) and creates backup in its own format.


Note: Windows Live accounts from domain are NOT supported.