Supported BlackBerry device backups

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Supported BlackBerry device backups

EPV works with backups of devices running BlackBerry 10 - 10.3 OS, created using BlackBerry Link software (for Windows or macOS). More information:


Backing up and restoring device data


BlackBerry backups contain all information from the device, including:



Files (pictures, music, documents)

Calendar items

Tasks and Memos

BBM contacts

Browser bookmarks and folders

Alarm/clock settings

Text/SMS/MMS messages

Phone Call Logs

WLAN Profiles (for non-enterprise networks)

Password Keeper entries


All BB backups are encrypted using the encryption keys that are stored inside the device and are unique for every BlackBerry ID. In order to be able to work with such backups in EPV, they must be decrypted using Elcomsoft Phone Breaker first; decryption requires the password from BlackBerry ID.


Please note that EPV does NOT support backups of older BlackBerry models (running BlackBerry OS 6 or 7) created with BlackBerry Desktop Software.