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Learn what Google knows about you! Elcomsoft Cloud eXplorer (ECX) makes it easy to download and information collected from you by the search giant. Access your search and browsing history, view contacts, Google Keep notes, Hangouts messages and images from your Google Photos account. With ECX, you can also download files stored on your Google Drive. These include files uploaded to Google Drive, files synchronized with your PC, deleted files, and files shared with you by other users.


Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer is used by digital forensic specialists to speed up investigations. Offering all-in-one downloading, viewing and analysis of relevant information, the tool is invaluable when it comes to investigating users’ online activities. The integrated viewer displays downloaded data in human-readable form, making it easy to analyze users’ communication circles, search and browsing activities. The viewer includes instant filtering and quick search functionality. Finding a certain contact, message or Web site authentication credentials is easy: you just need to type part of the word you are looking for into the search box.


Google collects massive amounts of information from registered customers. Contacts and Hangouts messages, Google Keep notes, search history with click-through data, synced Google Chrome data including passwords and forms, bookmarks, page transitions and browsing history, location history, calendars and images are just a few pieces of data to mention. Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer pulls information from the many available sources scattered throughout the Google Account, automatically parses the data and displays information in human-readable form.


Different types of data are scattered around different Google servers and stored in diverse formats. Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer not only downloads more data than provided by Google itself but also offers the ability to view and analyze information without leaving the tool.


In order to access data from Google Account, you can enter the correct Google ID and password or use a token. Accounts protected with two-factor authentication are supported; access to the secondary authentication factor is required if two-step authentication is enabled.

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