New version of Proactive Password Auditor has been released.

New version of Proactive Password Auditor has the following improvements and new features:

  • brute-force and mask attacks (LM and NTLM) are now multi-threaded for better performance on SMP systems, dual-core processors and processors with HyperThreading technology;
  • better speed of brute-force and mask attacks (LM) on Pentium 4 - about 1,5 times faster!;
  • multilingual user interface;
  • saving all program parameters in HKEY_CURRENT_USER instead of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE;
  • rainbow tables generation: more options (charsets); show the size of every individual table (not just the total size);
  • hot keys: Ctrl+A to select all users, Ctrl-U to clear selection;
  • new column in user list: audit time (for every user account);
  • an ability to run the program even when DEP is enabled (some options are disabled, though: dump from local memory, and using Credential Manager passwords in User Info attack);
  • when the attack is multi-threaded, the new window with every thread status (speed, current password, passwords checked);
    support SAM and SYSTEM files from Windows Vista;
  • An ability to add several rainbow tables at once;
  • added a feature to hide the passwords that have been found (show asterisks instead);
  • added "Passwords by time - running total" report;
  • trial period is extended to 60 days;
  • "Use SYSKEY" option has been changed to "Don't use SYSKEY (NT4 prior to SP3)";
  • improved BartPE compatibility;
  • fixed: saving the status of the users selected for attack after dumping more password hashes;
  • fixed: starting Brute-force and Mask attacks without selecting character set first;
  • fixed: incorrect detection of what LM password halfs have to be checked;
  • fixed: option "Disable hints in user list" has been eliminated;
  • fixed: open rainbow tables from read-only media;
  • fixed: dump password hashes from some SAM files without SYSKEY encryption.
For more information, visit Proactive Password Auditor product page.