Advanced PDF Password Recovery and Archive Password Recovery updates

We released Advanced Archive Password Recovery 4.66 and Advanced PDF Password Recovery 5.11 with multiple bugfixes and enhancements. The archive recovery tool update brought support for RAR5 archives protected with passwords longer than 16 characters, and improved compatibility with self-extracting archives.

In this release, we’ve updated Advanced Archive Password Recovery and Advanced PDF Password Recovery, the former receiving a minor bugfix and the latter featuring several improvements and enhancements.

In this release, Advanced Archive Password Recovery mainly improves the handling of RAR archives in the modern RAR5 format, adding support for passwords longer than 16 characters. In addition, the updated tool now recognizes self-extracting archives in the File Open dialog and improves support for these types of archives for password recovery attacks.

Advanced Archive Password Recovery recovers protection passwords or decrypts password-protected ZIP, 7Zip and RAR archives. The tool targets known weaknesses in password protection in certain types of ZIP archives, while offering smart, dictionary, and brute-force attacks to recover the original plain-text passwords for other types of archives.

Advanced PDF Password Recovery helps users instantly remove certain types of restrictions such as the locks on editing, printing, and copying data from PDF files. In addition, the tool features highly customizable attacks to recover the original plain-text passwords that protect PDF documents. The patented Thunder Tables technology allows unlocking PDF documents protected with legacy 40-bit encryption in less than a minute.

Advanced PDF Password Recovery 5.11 Release Notes

  • Bugfix: fixed crashes during certain types of dictionary attack

Advanced Archive Password Recovery 4.66 Release Notes

  • Enhancement: file open dialog now supports .exe extensions for SFX archives
  • Enhancement: added support for RAR5 passwords longer than 16 characters
  • Improvement: improved support for RAR5 SFX archives
  • Bugfix: fixed plain-text attack error messages
  • Bugfix: fixed the "Unrar heart fails" error