New versions of AIMPR, AOLPR and PSPR have been released.

New versions of Advanced IM Password Recovery, Advanced Outlook Password Recovery and Proactive System Password Recovery now available.

Advanced IM Password Recovery 3.20  supports three new messengers: Windows Live Messenger, MySpaceIM and Exodus.
Besides, there are a few changes related to last versions of ICQ, Jabber, PalTalk, Miranda, Rediff Bol, Ipswitch IM, Google Talk, MecaMessenger, QIP, Gizmo and AIM Triton.

Advanced Outlook Password Recovery1.34 adds support for Office 2007 (beta), includes a few bug fixes related to some specific PST files, ang got a new installer and HTML-based help file.

Proactive System Password Recovery 4.8 is now able to extract Microsoft Internet Information Services passwords from IIS metabase, can decrypt passwords for some new built-in accounts (IUSR_*, ILS_*) and has its own implementation of all crypto functions that were imported from advapi.dll. Besides, a few problems have been fixed: with CD key decryption, password reset, IIS passwords stored in secrets, and some Protected Storage operations.

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