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The Wi-Fi plugin allows you to explore the information on Wi-Fi connections stored in the user's Google account. This information is available if the Google account user chose to back up his/her device and store the information in the Google account.


You can view the total number of Wi-Fi connections. The following information can be available on each connection:


Wi-Fi Password (you can click the icon next to the password to view the characters)


Account (the account under which the user connected to WiFi)

Account Password

Priority (the WiFi connection priority)

Device (device model and IMEI)


NOTE: The Wi-Fi information will not be downloaded, if Android device (v. 9.0 and higher) is protected by the cryptographic key or passcode.


You can export Wi-Fi data to your computer by clicking the Export button.





Searching and Filtering


To perform searches in Wi-Fi, fill the search field and press Enter. The search results will be highlighted in yellow.


To filter out the call records by groups, open the Filter pane by clicking the icon on the right.

Enable filtering by switching the On/Off toggle and define the filtering options:

Encryption: filters Wi-Fi connections by encryption. Select the encryption type

Devices: filters Wi-Fi connections by devices they are associated with. Select the desired devices.


You can export the Wi-Fi data you have filtered. Click Export and select the Filtered option.