ECX Program interface

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ECX Program interface

The Elcomsoft Cloud eXplorer interface consists of the following elements:

Main menu: Provides access to the main functionality of ECX:

oFile: Allows downloading Google backups and removing them from the backup list.

oView: Allows viewing records of all actions performed with data in ECX in the form of a Journal, defining ECX settings, and viewing the device info once the Google account data is loaded. It also provides access to all available plugins.

oHelp: Allows viewing the ECX version number, checking if the program is registered or not, reading ECX help file, checking for program updates, sending the feedback to program developers, purchasing a program, or entering a registration code in case you have already purchased a program online.

Data View pane: Allows managing data.

Google Accounts pane: Allows viewing Google backups account and Google Drive backups added to ECX.

Backup Management pane: Allows downloading Google account and Google Drive backups and removing them from the backup list.