Moving backup storage

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Moving backup storage

You can move the backup storage to another location on your computer.


To move the storage, make sure that EXWA is not running and then do the following:


1. Open the Settings.ini file. The file is located here: \AppData\Roaming\Elcomsoft\Elcomsoft eXplorer for WhatsApp\Setting.ini.

2. Enter the new path for the storage using double back slashes (\\) and only Latin characters (e.g., C:\\Users\\jane.smith\\AppData\\Roaming\\Elcomsoft). The new location must not be a shared folder and must contain enough free space.

3. Save the Settings.ini file.

4. Copy the current Backups folder to the new location specified in the Settings.ini file.

5. The new settings will be applied as soon as EXWA is started for the first time after editing the Settings.ini file.


Please note that the Temp folder and the log files with settings cannot be replaced from the AppData folder.