Apple Pay

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Apple Pay

The Apple Pay plugin allows you to explore the Apple Pay app data such as information about cards and transactions.


NOTE: This plugin is only available for images (.tar) of iOS devices with a set passcode.


Viewing Cards


Click the Cards tab to see the following information on each card:


Modification date: The date and time the card was added/edited


Card: The type of the card

Card number

Device account number

Expiry date

Bank phone number

Bank website

Payment type

Supports contactless payment (Yes/No)

Supports In-App payment (Yes/No)

Active (Yes/No)




Viewing Transactions


Click the Transactions tab to see the following information about transactions in a grid:

Date: The date and time the transaction was made




Status (Approved/Denied)

Card Number (only the last four digits are displayed)

Device Account Number



Merchant Location

Merchant Address

Merchant Phone Number

Merchant URL: The merchant website

The general information about transactions is displayed above the grid:


Records: total number of transactions

Most recent: date and time the most recent transaction was made

Oldest: date and time the oldest transaction was made


If the filtering is on, you can also view the statistic information on the filtered transactions:


Shown records: number of transactions that match the filtering criteria

Most recent filtered record: date and time the most recent transaction (among the filtered records) was made

Oldest filtered record: date and time the oldest transaction (among the filtered records) was made


To sort the transactions in the grid, click the necessary column header.





Searching and Filtering


To perform searches in the Apple Pay data, enter the search request in the search field and press Enter. The search results will be highlighted in yellow. The number of search results will be displayed in the search field.
Search can be performed by the following parameters:





oCard number

oDevice account number

oExpiry date

oBank phone number

oBank website

oPayment type





oCard Number

oDevice Account Number



oMerchant Location

oMerchant Address

oMerchant Phone Number

oMerchant URL


To filter the Apple Pay data, open the Filter pane by clicking the filter2 icon on the left. Only Transactions can be filtered.

Enable filtering by switching the On/Off toggle, and define the filtering options:

Date: filters transactions by date. Define the From and Until dates.

Card number: filters transactions by card numbers.


Exporting Apple Pay Data


To export data, do the following:

1.Click Export.

2.Select one of the following values from the drop-down list: Filtered (available only for Transactions) or All.

3.The Select destination file window opens.

4.In the opened window, select the location in which the file with exported data will be saved and enter the file name.

5.Click Save.

6.The <file name>.xlsx file is saved in the selected location.