About Microsoft account data

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About Microsoft account data

You can download Microsoft account data synced from devices or Windows PCs where the user signed into this account. EPB downloads this data from the cloud in the form of a backup.


EPB allows you to download Microsoft account data provided you know the credentials to this Microsoft account. The following data can be downloaded:


SMS Messages

Notes (downloaded from OneNote)


Search History

Browsing History

Locations History


NOTE: If Skype attachments (except Pictures) are sent more than 30 days ago, they will be deleted from MS server and will not be available for downloading via EPB. In this case only attachments metadata will be available for downloading. More detailed information about terms of data storage can be found here https://support.skype.com/en/faq/FA34893/how-long-are-files-and-data-available-in-skype

Downloaded data is saved in an archive containing databases with downloaded information and a Manifest.xml file containing information on every device associated with the account and file name for every database file.